Kökarform is an innovative, experimental project that aims to create sustainable development at Kökar, with the production of handicrafts and other products with local anchoring.
Kökarform is a project that has it´s background for many years of cultural work in Kökarkultur and the Hembygdsföreningen på Kökar. At the museum area there is a ceramic studio and a smith´s cottage. Stockstugan is a good example of old building technique.
Kökarkultur has with the international residence activity, created good sustainable contact networks, and combined knowledge in different areas of (ceramics, textile, wrought). There are still people on the island who master old working methods and techniques. There are still old useful machines (ex. lathes) still on the island.
Courses have been organized at Kökar to create the conditions for handicrafts with local affiliation and cultural tradition: We have had courses in ceramics, throwing and weaving stordukar with plant-colored yarn.


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Courses in felting local wool where organized in August 2018 with Chikako Sato from Japan and Anne Räisänen from Finland.

Also new courses in working with the local clay are planned for 2019.




The goal is to produce genuine Kökar products in handicrafts and / or other areas, that can be presented to the customer as a memory of Kökar and used at home.

A genuine Kökar product means that it is made on Kökar. The inspiration, the colors, the shape, the material and the pattern derive from the local culture and tradition.

Raw materials should be used as far as possible from local produce. A future effort and development in wool processing is visualized. Local clay should be used in ceramics. The product should have a ‘history’, a story from the local community that gives the product ‘a face’.
Future marketing and visual communication will similarly be based on local tradition and local origin.

The aim is to create conditions and concrete plans for a sustainable network and activity that shows positive cash flow and shows a positive product calculation with profitability as a result, employment all year round, creating new jobs, finding markets abroad in addition to the tourist season at home, finding different forms of cooperation with colleagues, arrange courses and seminars on interesting topics, gain visibility in the media and benefit the entire municipality with a profiling as a dynamic society. All of this leads to more discussions about and more attention about Kökar, season extension in tourism and several people interested in immigration as a result. The development and business objectives of the creative industries, form and craft favor the entire municipality and profiles Kökar as a dynamic place in crafts, form and small business with contact areas around the world.

If you are interested to join us to develop and cooperate in some of this craft arts. Please don´t hesitate to contact us with your idea. Initiators are Kökarkultur rf and Hembygdsföreningen.

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