OPEN CALL 2022-2023

Open call for the time period of April 2022 – March 2023 is now open.

Application deadline: 31.1.2022.


NOTE: We have made some changes to our policies at the beginning of January 2022 regarding the length of residencies and the contents of the application. If you have sent in your application before the beginning of January and based it on the previous policies, we will evaluate your application based on previous policies and you have an equal chance to be selected.

Who can apply?

We welcome applications from all professional artists working in fields including but not limited to visual arts, performing arts, film, literature, sound art, textile and ceramics.

We welcome to the residency both first-time residents and former residents. We accept applications from individual artists as well as work partners and small workgroups.

Length of residency:

For first-time residents the residency period is 4 or 8 weeks. For former residents, in addition to 4 and 8 week residency periods, some 2-week residency periods are available as well.

Instead of monthly cycles, we operate the residency in weekly cycles because of ferry schedules to Kökar. Residencies start and end on Sundays.

Residency fee:

The residency fees for April 2022 – March 2023 are:

140e / person / 2 weeks

280e / person / 4 weeks

560e / person / 8 weeks

The residents are responsible for their own travel arrangements, as well as their material and living costs during their stay.

What to include in the application:

Application languages are Finnish, Swedish, and English.

The more flexible you can be about your preferred residency period(s) and length(s), the easier it is for us to offer you a residency. 

When applying as an individual, please submit in one PDF file:

– an artist statement

– preferred residency period(s) and length(s). 

– a plan for residency

– a CV

– a portfolio (or a link to an online portfolio such as an artist’s website)

– any other material relevant to your application 

The maximum size of the file is 10MB.

Name the file as

Last name_First name_2022.pdf

When applying as work partners or as a workgroup, please submit in one PDF file:

– artist statements, CVs, and portfolios (or links to online portfolios) from all applicants

– preferred residency period(s) and length(s).

– a plan for residency

– any other material relevant to your application

The maximum size of the file is 10MB.

Select one member of your group and name the file as

Last name_First name_GROUP_2022.pdf

Send your application to

Selection process:

Residency selections are made by the Kökarkultur association, which consists of cultural workers and professional artists in various fields.

We aim to select applicants from all ages, backgrounds, identities, and stages of practice. The selection is based on the contents of the application, applicants’ wishes for the working period, and the needs and compatibility of applicants for each residency period.

We will inform all applicants about the selections by the end of February.

COVID-19 information:

We aim to offer every resident a safe residency and expect our residents to follow current governmental COVID-19 advice and recommendations. If the regulations change and we have to make changes to the residency program, we will do our best to assist our residents in case of changes.