The Åland Archipelago Guest Artist Residence

General information

The Åland Archipelago Guest Artist Residence in Kökar was created in 1997, first for an international artist exchange project with Ireland and Catalonia.

The residence program offers artists a chance to find inspiration from the nature and a great opportunity to develop their work.

The basic idea behind the creation of this residence is to experience a new surrounding for creative work. The residence also wishes to improve artists ability to pay attention to constructed natural environment and, eventually to find new ways for interaction between artists, society and environment.

The center is welcoming artists in:
Visual arts, literature, perform arts, design, research, crafts, art journalism, architecture, pottery, media art, photography, sound art.



The residence offers accommodation in a house located on a rise looking out over the Hellsö bay and is just a few meters from the sea.

The history of the house is inspiring, the house has been used a health center in around 1950-1960 and as the municipality office. Since 1997 the house was turned into a art residence.

There are three apartments + two studios in the residence house
1) 2 rooms, kitchen and toilet 2) 1 room, kitchen and toilet  3) 1 room, kitchen and toilet

Several showers and also sauna available.
The apartments are equipped with basic furniture, necessities and tools for living and working. Bed linen and towels are supplied.
There´s wifi in the residence.

The fee is 10 €/day/person.
The residence arranges excursions and boat trips for the artists to local historical, cultural and natural sites in the area.
Bicycles are also available and when necessary transportation by taxi. The distance from the residence to Karlby village is 7 km (bank and post office). There is no bank automate on the island.
The ferry port is 12 km from the residence, the transport will be fixed by the residence.

There´s a possibility to use a ceramic studio connected to the nearby local museum, where it is possible to make ceramics from the local clay. There is also a smith´s cottage. Local sheep wool is also available if you are interested in for example wool felting.


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Contact information The Åland Archipelago Guest Artist Residence, Kökarkultur r.f, AX- 22730 Kökar, ÅLAND Coordinator for the residence: Johanna Henriksson +35845 321 8869

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